Thursday 27 October 2016

My First Group Fitting Day!

Hi all,

As many of you know I am associated with the very talented and well known pattern designer Connie Crawford.  I have been learning Connie's art for a couple of years now and a couple of weeks ago I held my first group fitting day with my ASG Neighbourhood Group - Sew and Reap at My Sewing Supplies.

The unique thing about Connie Crawford's patterns is that she doesn't just promise an excellent fit, she will fit you into one of her 52 different sized shell tops to prove it!

I have been beavering away making my own set of shell tops to fit my students and any other interested ladies.

The day went well and I was able to fit everyone in our group.  Only a few small alterations are necessary to get a perfect fit, as you will see with Anne's personalised shell.

Anne's finished shell
Anne's first fitting

I also shared with the girls what to do once you have the fitted blouse block.  Everyone was very excited to explore the various options you have, once you have the perfect fit.

I am available now for any other groups or individuals who would like to learn more about Connie's fabulous fitting patterns!

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