Tuesday 17 December 2013

A Favourite Pattern

For those of you who have had lessons with me you will recognise this pattern:  Kwik Sew 3552. 
This is the pattern we use for our first set of classes.  While it is a nightshirt pattern it can also be made up as a dress, top, or a cozzie coverup.  I have seen sooo many versions of this made by all my students and it always looks good!  Seems to suit everyone!

Reusing a pattern like this in different ways means you get great value from your pattern and since you've already made it before, it will be quick and easy to repeat the construction.

So here is another more advanced way to use your pattern.

I think this dress looks so pretty.  It has darts, a bit more flair and a slip underneath but would certainly be worth doing.  Not exactly the same as Kwik Sew 3552 but it would look very similar.

Have a go!

Monday 9 December 2013


One of the things I love about sewing is the range of gadgets available to make sewing easier.
There are a million gadgets out there and I have quite a few!
Some gadgets are great and others are a waste of money.  I am going to share my favourites with you over time and I hope you find them useful too.

My number one favourite tool is very simple.  It's a seam gauge.

Nothing magical about it - just a simple 15cm ruler with a sliding gauge on it.  It's small and easy to use to mark hems or seam allowances.  The sliding gauge means you don't have to look at the numbers on the ruler.  It is also helpful turning out corners as it doesn't have any sharp edges.

Do you have a seam gauge?  Is it on your top 10 list?  What is your favourite gadget?

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Welcome to Janet Likes To Sew

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog.

In recent years, I have been very blessed to make my living by teaching and passing on the craft of sewing, and this blog will be an extension of that.  I want to share and promote sewing as a wonderful creative outlet which also has a great practical benefit.  We all need clothes so there is always a reason to sew something!  I will also showcase the work of my wonderful students as they learn new skills and create lovely things.

If you have any sewing related questions, please feel free to ask me here, and I will do my best to answer them for you.

I will probably go "off topic" from time to time into other areas of life, and I hope you find that interesting as well.

Please join me on my journey!

Janet (who likes to sew)