Tuesday 17 December 2013

A Favourite Pattern

For those of you who have had lessons with me you will recognise this pattern:  Kwik Sew 3552. 
This is the pattern we use for our first set of classes.  While it is a nightshirt pattern it can also be made up as a dress, top, or a cozzie coverup.  I have seen sooo many versions of this made by all my students and it always looks good!  Seems to suit everyone!

Reusing a pattern like this in different ways means you get great value from your pattern and since you've already made it before, it will be quick and easy to repeat the construction.

So here is another more advanced way to use your pattern.

I think this dress looks so pretty.  It has darts, a bit more flair and a slip underneath but would certainly be worth doing.  Not exactly the same as Kwik Sew 3552 but it would look very similar.

Have a go!

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